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Day 45/15 – Tuesday 28th April –15 days of Spanish lock down

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Yesterday Sanchez released his provisional schedule of de-escalation, which covers four phases giving powers to the autonomous regions of Spain to implement a controlled transition to a ‘new normality’. It appears to run to September, but it’s made clear that there is no timetable set in stone to progress through the phases – it just depends on the ongoing situation. 

The good news we will be getting some liberty, not being confined to home for everything apart from food shopping and necessities. It also means that small businesses will be able to open up again and trade.  Further it would seem that until perhaps until the end of June, there will be no travel between the provinces. You can read about it here.

At this stage there is no mention at all of opening of borders and / or international flights.  I am told this is a decision that will be made at a national government level in conjunction with discussions within the EU. However, the pressure from the tourism and hospitality lobby – hoteliers and restauranteurs will be high, as they depend on the international tourists.  I would imagine the Junta de Andalucia will push hard to open to international tourists.

I will share more insights with you as I become am aware of them.
Keep safe,

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