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Tel: +34 952 781000 Tel: +44 208 0900 858


Choosing who you trust to advise you on selling your property in Southern Spain is a very personal matter.

Lion Trust Property offers a personal yet efficient method of selling your property. Our service is for discerning clients who value a personal service, integrity and actually want to sell their property in Southern Spain.

We understand that your property is a significant asset and that you want the sales process to be managed in a seamless and professional manner. You want a professional and honest appraisal of the value of your property.

We appraise a property's value based on the following criteria:
- location
- neighbourhood
- condition
- size
- age
- improvements
- the market / competition

Ultimately, you want to sell your property and achieve the best possible price, whilst being mindful of the choices available to buyers.

You want qualified buyers to visit your property where your property has a good chance of meeting their needs and desires. You want viewing appointments to be made where possible with reasonable advance notice and you want appointments to be kept. Where a cancellation is unavoidable, you want to be informed with plenty of notice so you can go about your day.

Once interested parties have visited your property you want proactive and timely feedback so you know whether there is real interest from the visiting party.

Bespoke marketing for your property
When you instruct Lion Trust Property as your agent you can be assured that we will create a unique marketing plan specifically for your property. It will include a cutting edge online presence, as well as exposure to 500 networked agents on the coast. To keep the property in the forefront of agents’ minds, we send out weekly targeted emails to them informing them about your property and further highly incentivise the selling agent with the lion’s share of the commission.

More than 80% of property searches start online, which is why it is important to have your home on our highly optimised web site. We ensure that your property is seen by the right agents and importantly the right buyer. Further we will market your property in local publications to ensure that your property benefits from full media coverage. Our quality photography catches the eye of both buyers and agents alike and along with quality and accurate property descriptions, is the key to generate enquiries.

Every client has unique requirements, so we endeavour to understand yours and invest the time to really get to know your property from outset. We are mindful of your needs and work with complete discretion. That way you can be absolutely confident that your property be presented on the market for sale to its best advantage. Our job is to sell your property. You can be confident and trust that we work relentlessly on your behalf to achieve that objective.

At the end of the day your trust is everything - welcome to Lion Trust.

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