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Day 1/15 – Sunday 15th March-15 days of Spanish lockdown

It was unusually very quiet out on the streets in San Pedro and generally on the Costa del Sol despite it being a Sunday. It seemed to be a day of “acclimatisation” to the new law that we are temporary housebound and stay indoors, with the exceptions as documented.

I think there was some confusion as to when the new law came into effect, was it immediate on Saturday night (which it in fact was) or was it effective first thing Monday morning.

I heard accounts of police being lenient with some people out on the streets, but equally heard and account of someone getting 600 Euros fines for cycling on the promenade in Calahonda! I am located in San Pedro del Alcantara, a small Spanish town just to the west of Marbella and Puerto Banus. I made a couple of necessary journeys on Sunday, but didn’t really notice much of a police presence.

Sunday felt like a lazy peaceful bank holiday day, when many people are away perhaps on long weekends meeting with family.
We had a chat as a family and I told my sons that now is the time to be leaders, to focus on their studies (now at home of course) and not be consumed by all the media, news, fake news, mimes (some of which are of course very funny) which are being sent around. Perhaps easier said than done for us all.

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