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Day 47/15 – Thursday 30th April –15 days of Spanish lock down

Further national announcements on specifically what activities will be permitted in Spain during this period of de-escalation were made today.  

You have to wonder how something this important can be made so complicated!  There are already messages going backwards and forwards on chat groups interpreting what’s permitted and what’s not and which are the latest set of rules!  Everyone wants to be able to get out and enjoy some liberty, but don’t want to risk hefty fines for not abiding by the law.

Without going into much detail, as there are sufficient, easily found sources reporting on the rules such as El Pais – in summary, different age groups can go out at different times of the day, but only for 1 hour and no further than 1km from your house. You have to abide by social distancing rules, but you can be with one person from your household. But if you are practising an individual sport, there is no time limit, or distance from home you can be, but you have to stay within your municipality, e.g Marbella, Estepona etc.  You can’t drive anywhere in order to start your walk or sport.  All of these announced rules will be confirmed or updated on Friday, possibly adding to the confusion!  Someone posted this image to try to make things clear!

Para Que os acelareis con las  salidas

Anyway, I feel a cycle ride along the coastal pathway coming on over the weekend!

Thursday night was quiz night again and this week quiz master Eamon mixed it up with a series of ‘unusual’ questions in categories that included: ‘Man vs. Woman’, ‘Best Guess’, ‘Life Spans’, ‘Human Body’, ‘Logic’, ‘True / False’ and a ‘Trump Round’. Chances were that we wouldn’t know the answers for most of the questions so points were awarded to those answers were the closest. It was bedlam!

Sample questions included:
1) How many kg of olives does it take to make a litre of extra virgin olive oil?
2) How many pints Guinness sold per day globally?
3) Before Mt Everest was discovered, what was the tallest mountain in the world?
4) In Spain, is it legal for a man to marry his widow’s sister?
5) Charlie Chaplin came first in a Charlie Chaplin look-alike contest – True or False?
6) If human DNA was uncoiled, how many miles long would it be?
7) What’s the lifespan of a wild oyster?
8) Who uses more of their brains each day (man or woman)?
9) How many new golf balls are sold in US each year?
10) “We have a 5 billion dollar website. I have so many websites. I have them all over the place… I hire people… it costs me three dollars” Did Trump says this (or did Eamon make it up)?

Answers will be posted tomorrow!

Any advice of devious quiz formats or questions are greatly appreciated, as it’s my turn to be quiz master next week…

Keep safe,


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