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Day 6/15 – Friday 20th March –15 days of Spanish lock down

Well it’s Friday night!
Had another day working from home and again didn’t leave the house…
I read something the other say that said “the most heroic thing you can do is stay at home”.

I rejoined the WhatApps group on the Corona Virus this morning. At the last look there are 450 unread messages! Need to turn that off!

A friend sent me this message me a recording of an interview of a hospital doctor taking a break – .
It’s a good one to listen to, especially if you are in the UK, BUT IS RELEVANT FOR EVERYONE, WHEREVER YOU ARE. Amid the emotional interview, there is a positive message of hope at 5 mins 50 seconds. Pass it on please.

Weekend travel plans - Lion Trust Spain

Finally, I have done some thinking about my plans for the weekend and looking at the map…


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