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Last 7 days of Spanish lock down 4-10 May

We have had a fantastic week...
Despite the ´state of alarm´ in Spain having been extended to the 24th May, today marks one week of having enjoyed some additional liberty. It's been amazing to be able to go out on long walks - poor Majic is exhausted! The roads are still very quiet - every day feels like a Sunday morning. But there are noticeably more people out and about doing their morning and evening exercise - cycling, jogging, walking.

Friends and I had two tee times booked for Monday and Thursday next week to play at Guadalmina and the anticipation has been building to a crescendo, only to be slammed last night by the news that the province of Malaga will in fact not progress from 'Fase 0 ' to ' Fase 1' on Monday. This means the golf courses and facilities remain closed.

The reason, I believe is that there has been a mini spike of number of cases in the city, but it is pretty harsh news for the rest of the province, especially Costa del Sol where number of cases has been relatively low throughout this whole period. Stats I have seen show Andalucia as a whole has 9.35 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, four times lower than the national average of 38.39. Also if you consider that Province of Malaga has some 3,500 cases whereas Madrid has 70,000, so it is tough love to be tarred with the same brush. However, things can change very quickly and it is my understanding that the situation is going to be monitored everyday. By mid next week, we could be in 'fase 1'.

From a business perspective, 'Fase 1' will mean, under strict conditions we will be able to visit properties with clients and with other agents as well as make visits to properties under management and those that need to be prepared for sale. I have a few local clients itching to visit specific properties. It also means I can get out and do some more videos of areas and properties, something that I will share with you of course.

Perhaps the biggest thing that happened this week for me personally is that on Thursday I returned to my office! I love my work, but I've never really enjoyed being in an office all day. I am sure the novelty will wear off, but for the moment it's been pure joy to get out of the kitchen and have my own space free from distractions and disturbances!

This morning I performed my usual Mercadona shopping routine and also popped to Iceland behind Puerto Banus to pick up a few British products that Noah had requested. On the way back I took a small detour up to Central Plaza. Usually the road would be blocked off with the weekly bustling Saturday market. All the local cafes where friends meet for coffee and breakfast were closed and of course very few people were to be seen. 'Fase 1' permits cafes and restaurants to open again, initially with limited numbers, but I think this is going to be an important step towards rebuilding a lifestyle we are accustomed to. It's going to take some time for sure, but I am confident that we we will get there.

Keep safe and have a great weekend.

Warm regards,