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Benefits of buying a renovation project in Spain 

Swedish edition 🇸🇪

Did you know that there are advantages to buying a renovation project in Spain as a Swede?

Buying something that needs to be renovated may mean that you can afford to get a larger property in a more salubrious area and create your absolute dream home. Many times, a little color is enough to make it look good, but if it is the case that you feel like embarking on a real renovation project, there may be some things that are good to know. 

For example, you can actually use your Swedish ROT deduction (ROT avdrag) if you want to renovate in Spain. It doesn't have to be a Swedish-registered company that does the renovation, but if the company you hire is Spanish, you must request a debt relief certificate from the Spanish tax authority. This is a requirement to be able to get the ROT money from the Swedish Tax Agency. To be able to apply for it, your home in Spain must be your second home and you must still pay tax in Sweden. Other than that, it works just like at home in Sweden and you can get back up to SEK 50,000 on your renovation. Fantastic huh?

If you need help finding a craftsman, we recommend checking out the local Swedes facebook group (for example Svenskar i Marbella) or checking out Of course we can also recommend reliable contractors who we have known for years and who do any work in our own homes!

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