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Day 10/15 – Tuesday 24th March –15 days of Spanish lock down

It seems that many people I have spoken with in different countries today are either in lock down, or in self isolation, as they see it is the sensible thing to do.

UK announced a lockdown of sorts on Monday night, but as I have been told, today may people didn’t really understand what that meant!! It will probably take a day or two to actually sink in. They talk about the complications of putting London a city circa 9m inhabitants in lock down. Sure it has challenges but then compare it to this: Indian Prime Minister Modi announced today, “The entire country will be in lockdown, total lockdown,". That’s 1.3 BILION people! As Jacqueline in Paris, mentioned in an email, with so many homeless, I have no idea how that will be implemented.

A quick Google search on the impacts of social isolation on mental health state:
“social isolation has been linked to higher blood pressure and cardiovascular disease, vulnerability to infection, and an overactive immune response. Loneliness can affect your mental and emotional health as well as your physical well being.”

So yesterday I asked if you are taking you meds - perhaps I should have waited a few days for the lock down to settle in before sharing this one, but why I figured, not get your lock down off to a great start?

So, MEDS stands for:

M = Meditation
E = Exercise
D = Diet
S = Sleep

I don’t need to go into the detail of each here as it pretty self explanatory, but do take care of yourself. On diet, as well as eating healthily, perhaps consider doing a fast during the day and keep eating to concentrated a 4-8 hour window. Apart from possible weight loss benefits, there is plenty of evidence that is it very good for you on many levels. I am thinking when to do my next 72 hour fast! Let me know if you want to join me…

Day 10 feels different to days 1,2,3 of lock down for sure! Marvin in Canada suggested to me to consider the lock down “as marathon rather than sprint” – I find that very helpful.

Keep safe,


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