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Day 11/15 – Wednesday 25th March –15 days of Spanish lock down

All the days are blending into one! I just noticed in my email of yesterday that I titled it as day 9, but it was in fact day 10 - just a copy / paste error!

The weather has been pretty grey and dreary for this lock down so far – perhaps that’s why its felt somewhat oppressive these last few days. 

Bad weather never used to bother me when I lived in London, I didn’t even notice it – whatever the weather we would just get on with things. There’s a Norwegian saying, “There is no bad weather, just bad clothes” or something to that effect!  

A couple of months after my twin sons were born we had a French au pair come and live with us for a few months.  Margorie was from Nice, a friend of neighbour’s daughter and was looking to learn English. She was a lovely girl and a great help to us.   But, after three months I could see she had lost her enthusiasm, her smile and seemed deflated.  I know helping with twins was hard work, so we sat down with her to see what was up.

It’s just so depressing” she said. 

Thanks, I thought to myself. We’ve bent over backwards to make you feel part of the family! 

She continued, “It’s your just weather here, it’s sooo dreary and it’s really getting me down”.

I think Marjorie stayed with us another month and then returned home to Nice. To be honest, at the time I had no idea what she was talking about. There was plenty to do, get on with and more than enough to be entertained.  It never occurred to me that the weather could have such an effect on someone. 

But now, I understand!  

We are blessed here on Costa del Sol to have all year round sunshine.  Sure we get our rain (when it rains it pours here) but for the most of the year we are truly blessed.   In fact, when it rains for a day or two it’s really quite a refreshing change!  Of course we need the water for the reservoirs for our water supply.  After a rainy spell, the warm sun comes out and the campo explodes with the colour of wild flowers.  It’s magnificent and hard to sometimes believe what can spring out of the parched Andalucian soil.

Perhaps more than anything else, I think it is the abundance of light that makes such a difference - makes you feel alive.  You know what I mean for sure!   Most of the time we live outside and even when we are in the house, we tend to have all the doors open. 

We are experiencing an unsettled spell for sure, but the forecast for tomorrow looks fantastic – can’t wait!

Keep safe and healthy


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