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Day 24/15 – Tuesday 7th April –15 days of Spanish lock down

Normally I am a morning person.  
Apart from my teenage years (who was a morning person in their teenage years?) I think I always have been.  

I’ve certainly been this way since living here in Spain.  I like the quiet of the first hour of the day 0545-0645 before the house is awake, especially in the warm summer months - getting out of bed is easy for me.  My body clock usually gets me up before the alarm. I like getting a big chunk of work done before 1100 -  makes me feel I am winning and ahead of the day.

But at the moment is it hard – there is still plenty to do, but nowhere to go!  And the weather is still cold by our standards and unsettled. (Note to self – must try to get up earlier tomorrow)

Since the announcement was made that there will be no exams, the boys have partially slid into a different time zone. They are going to bed much later and are rarely seen in the morning. Typical teenagers I guess!  I don’t recall being encouraged by my parents to sleep as a teenager.  We now know how important sleep is, so we let the guys get on with it, especially as they have nowhere to go just now!

Talking of sleep, the ‘S’ in MEDS, how are you getting on during the lock down?
MEDS during this time are more important than ever: Meditation, Exercise, Diet, Sleep.

I am doing well enough on the meditation and certainly getting enough sleep, but honestly am struggling on the exercise and diet just now.  Too much sitting at the computer screen and too easy to open the fridge too (I am working in the kitchen)!

One thing I have decided to do each day this week is call someone with whom I haven’t spoken for a while, or lost contact with over the years.  Yesterday I called Alastair – one of my Dad’s best friends and drinking / golfing buddies.  Growing up in London, Alastair used to pop in to our house unannounced almost every day on the way home from work for a drink or two. Do you remember when friends used to call in unannounced?!!

Last time I had spoken with Alastair was about 5 years ago.  I was in London and made a point to meet with
him and Pauline his lovely partner (who sadly passed a couple of years ago).  We went to a local pub for lunch and shared stories and laughed about old times. One such story was on my 30th birthday.  We had a crazy fancy dress party in our garden flat.  In the early hours Alastair fell fast asleep, seated on the terrace and sat there for an hour with his G&T in hand – he never spilt a drop!  That was almost 20 years ago!   

Alastair must be almost 90 now.  We chatted for 20 minutes or so.  Memories flooded back from my childhood, of my parents and of living in N. London.  In many respects, it seemed just like yesterday!
I am looking forward to another such call.

Hope you are keeping well and safe.

Best regards,


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