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Day 23/15 – Monday 6th April –15 days of Spanish lock down

So, day 23! The lock down as you know was extended to the 11th April.  This has now been extended for a further 15 days to April 26th.  It seems however that the terms of the extension might be more lenient and ‘non-essential business’ might be able to operate.  I don’t expect that means I will see any clients, so that means you are still going to be hearing from me on a daily basis!

I was on a webinar earlier this evening with realtors in the US.  One man made the point that from a business perspective, this period (although totally unscheduled) is similar to the two weeks over Christmas / New Year when everything slows down in this sector.  It made me think of August here in Spain when again, most business grinds to a halt.

However, I have always found August can be a really positive month for property transactions. Many agents are in sleepy mañana mode and public offices and lawyers only work half days.  Despite this, there are usually lots of people here on the coast and always buyers looking to fulfil their dreams. 

Of course I would much prefer being out helping clients, showing properties right now and negotiating deals, but I take some positives from this situation.  Apart from catching up on the long to do list of tactical day to day items, it is giving me a chance to work on my business and identify ways to be more efficient and more relevant.  I have also finally noticed that I am definitely on the back foot when it comes to playing table tennis with my sons – failing eyesight and slower reaction speed are no match for youth, but I will never admit it to them!  Good job they won’t read this blog!

I would love to hear from you on how the lock down is affecting you, your business and work and what positives you might draw from it.

And now down to business – the solution to yesterday’s quiz.  Firstly, don’t beat yourself up if you didn’t get it right first time, or second time… 90% of people don’t!

quiz ans - Lion Trust Spain

Here goes:

2 shoes = 10
Man = 5
Double cone = 4

1 shoe = 5
Man = 5
Man is wearing 2 shoes = 10
Man is holding double cone = 4
Multiple by single cone 2

5 + ((5+10+4) x 2) = 43

Easy when you know how!
If you found the quiz fun, let me know I am will find another brain teaser over the coming days.

Keep safe,


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