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Day 28/15 – Saturday 11th April –15 days of Spanish lock down

Saturday I had an afternoon of bonding with my sons.
The job itself wasn’t fun – clearing out sheds.  But we put some tunes on and managed joke around like boys do.  There is still some sorting of boxes that needs to be done, but at least I can access them now!  Why do we keep all this junk?   I eyed a box of VHS video cassettes, but decided that was for another day.
I have always been somewhat of a hoarder – I think I get that from my mother.  As a kid it was everything – conkers, lego, football cards, shells and bits of electronics (the list could go on).  My wife on the other hand is ruthless when it comes to throwing things away. What I can’t understand is why she can’t see that the cut off pieces from length of timber might come in useful one day! It’s a constant battle between us, but I guess opposites attract!!!
A few parents now have told me that this period of lock down has given them a chance to reconnect with their kids.  We are very fortunate in that our boys are very sociable with us, but this forced period of confinement has enhanced the relationship further. Of course it has tested it too!!!   Even parents with ‘difficult kids’ say they have bonded – perhaps it is because as parents we have more time.
My wife and I have started creating a list of things we want to do together when life gets back to some sort of normality.  She has her own list which includes meeting up with friends and playing tennis at Forrest Hills in Estepona and at International Club in Nueva Andalucia.  My number one is to get back on the golf course at Guadalmina!

Top of our joint list is a trip down to ‘Tarifa’ – one of our favourite places. It’s just a 45 minutes drive from San Pedro so wonderful to pass a morning, afternoon or full day.  Tarifa takes in the stretch of coast including Tarifa itself, Playa Valedaqueros, Punta Paloma and Bolonia – my favourite of them all. For me it is one of the most enchanting places where I go to recharge my batteries.

I’ll write some more on these special places another time, but for now will leave you with a photo from my last visit just about a month ago – a place where two continents meet.

A place where 2 continents meet February 2020 scaled - Lion Trust Spain

Keep safe,


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