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Day 33/15 – Thursday 16th April –15 days of Spanish lock down

On Saturday 18th May, Pedro Sanchez is looking to secure backing to extend the ‘state of alarm’ in Spain – lock down for a further 15 days to 11th May. If ratified, that will make the total period to that point 56 days and another 23 days from now.  Gives me a headache just thinking about it!

This week, manufacturing and construction workers were allowed back to work, but not real estate professionals.  Many of the conversations I am having with clients, colleagues and lawyers revolves around what the property market is going to look like when we come out of this situation.Of course no one really knows, but it is something I am going to have a crack at addressing in a document next week! Let me know if that would be of interest to you.
New property inquiries are coming through via the web site and property portals every day, albeit at a much lower number.  Quite when these potential property buyers will be able visit the coast, of course remains to be seen.

I was on a webinar earlier which focused on health. A lot of the information shared was familiar to me, but served a good reminder. After all, we don’t always implement what we know, or at least that is the case with me!  The question was asked about how best to be build our immune systems, particularly relevant at this time.

The three key points were as follows:
1) Sleep –  good, deep sleep allows the body recover and immune system to get stronger.
2) Avoiding stress as much as possible so that that nervous system doesn’t take over – any form of meditation was strongly advocated
3) Be diligent with diet – stop snacking and avoid or minimise sugar intake.

Simple things, but certainly a timely reminder for me at least.
At present Noah is insisting as a family we watch all of the Marvel movies during the lock down.  This so that we can watch a couple of new movies he hasn’t seen together. He says it is important that we have the back story on all of the characters in order to get the most out of the new stories.   So far we have watched four now and actually they are great.  I have managed to stay awake the whole way through, apart from one evening.
I remember when I was his age, perhaps a bit younger, my parents used to fall asleep in front of the TV and I never understood it – bit worrying how things repeat themselves!
Keep safe,

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